Thursday, 28 March 2013

One Mile Away - Exclusive Screenings @ The Drum

The Drum is proud to present an exclusive screening of Penny Woolcock’s documentary film One Mile Away, an affecting tale of peace and reconciliation across the frontline of the B6/B21 Birmingham gang war.
Fri 29, Sun 31 Mar & Thu 4 Apr, 7.30pm
Penny Woolcock's Hip Hop musical 1 Day broke new ground for British film making, drawing attention to the social reality of warring gangs in inner-city Birmingham. The documentary film One Mile Away is an affecting tale of reconciliation across the frontline of the B6/B21 turf war. Shabba, a young man affiliated to the Johnson crew, works with Dylan Duffus, the lead actor in 1 Day and affiliated to the Burgers, to recruit supporters from both sides into projects aimed at transforming the entrenched social problems in their communities.
Twitter: #OneMileAway
Box Office and Information: 0121 333 2444
The Drum is the premier Black-led arts centre, dedicated to developing and promoting contemporary art and culture of British African, Asian and Caribbean communities.
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