Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hall Green District Arts Strategy

'Presenting officers' Ginnie Wollaston and Marcus Belben at Hall Green District Committee meeting, Council House!  Thanks to the wonders of technology the whole 3 hour meeting can be accessed online at Birmingham City Webcasting.  I think the automatic cameras in the middle sensed when a microphone was switched on (you'll notice ours glowing red) and spun round to capture the speaker. Very clever.

But if you want to avoid the hour or so informative debate on wheelie bins, then skip straight to Hall Green District Arts Strategy for ten minutes of me and Ginnie presenting each of our reports - mine was based on our main year report, also available on our site:

Short version

Full version

Great to see how much support we have for work from the Council and all looking good for future of Hall Green Arts forum - Councillor Lisa Trickett formally took responsibility for arts and culture in HG.

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  1. Interesting to watch back the discussion and to hear comments from councillors. Better than listening to the racket that was the budget meeting today. Thanks for sharing this