Friday, 29 March 2013

More number crunching

Following on from yesterday, we've visited nearly every shop and venue on the High Street ready for Car Culture tomorrow.  Below, some more of the road numbers in shops, and an ever growing list of thanks to all the shops and people supporting the project:

415 Number of road accidents reported every day in UK (also number of games in photo, Buzztech)
195 number of children at KHP who never bike to school (also number of phone  cases, Celltech)

7 Number of children killed or seriously injured on UK roads every day (also number of chickens , Johnstans)
46 Number of under 15 cyclist casualties in Birmingham 2008 (also wig models, Bella)
60 Number of under 16s killed on UK roads in 2011 (also Ginseng herb jars) 

229 Number of cyclist casualties in Birmingham 2008 (also handbags in Cinderellas)
280 Number of under 15 pedestrian casualties in Birmingham 2008 (also socks in  Baby & Toddler)

49 Number of  Cars for every bike on Kings Heath High Street (also specs  Portland  Eyecare)
13,875 Total number of vehicles on High Street every day (also number of keys on this wall, Timpsons) 

27 Number of children who would like to ride their bike to school for every one child at KHP who does (OXFAM)

232 Number of cyclists on KH High Street every day (also cards in British Heart Foundation)

Shops involved:

Appologies for anyone I may have missed off the list - looking forward to #carculture big day tomorrow!

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