Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Arts Activity

Just wanted to share some information with you about arts activity taking place in and around the city that may be of interest to HGAF members, communities and anyone reading the blog.

The Drum Arts Centre launched its new season with a sold out show on Saturday 16 March with the Legends of Legends reggae show. The forthcoming season boasts an array of film, music, comedy, dance, exhibition, theatre and much more. So click on the link to see what we have to offer. 

Some other arts events and activities that may be of interest

Vivid Projects 33 Revolutions is a multi-media season of screenings, digital sound and visual material addressing ways in which film makers and artists from a diverse range of cultural situations and societies have protested -- through political, social and economic themes. This season presents a broad audience with a number of works hitherto unseen in the UK alongside rare and archive material that takes up the statement that "Only the audience can change the world - not performers". It is a timely and dynamic programme of work which will respond to the current international cultural and economic climate. Revolution 02 - Dirty New Media  and Revolution 03 Oh to be in England 

Flat Pack film festival launches on the 21 March for 11 days of screenings, exhibitions events and activities. 

Hope you are able to attend some of these activities over the coming weeks and months. Back soon with more

Ian Sergeant, Arts Champion Lead for The Drum Arts Centre

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