Monday, 25 March 2013

A story behind every statistic

We've started a quick guerilla art exhibition at Kings Heath Library for you to contribute your road statistics to, as part of Car Culture project and event on Saturday 30th March.

Kings Heath Library working with HGA are representing statistics with books in support of Car Culture.  You know the saying a story behind every statistic?  Well at Kings Heath library, we're taking that literally and representing our statistics with books.  On 30th March be prepared for more statistics represented creatively in shops and other venues along our High Street.

If there is a road statistic you want representing at Kings Heath Library, or at Car Culture event, please forward to us to add to ours, or visit Kings Heath Library and talk to staff about where and how you want to present your statistic.  Please remember the Library is not just an art gallery, and there will be people wanting to read books and things.  Also staff are friendly but as stretched as ever!  If you do add a statistic at the Library, or anywhere on KH High Street, we want to see it - please photo and send to us.

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