Car Culture

'Car Culture' is a project responding to concerns following the death of Hope Fennell, from the Highbury Youth Parliament, from local residents and councillors.  Kings Heath Residents Forum working with Hall Green Arts Forum and Sustrans are working with Community First funding to run a pilot scheme at Kings Heath Primary and Queensbridge schools, running workshops to gauge what children think and engage parents and local residents in discussions around road use and safety.

The project follows many previous explorations of the High Street, including an Atkins report, and led directly to Sustrans DIY Project and Kings Heath Action Plan on Road Safety.

Children have used rice to visualise statistics and develop presentations, reviewing their journey to school, interviewing each other and parents and creating short re-enactments to help discussion.  They have been researching road safety and polling parents and children at school.  The 30th March was an opportunity to raise awareness and discussion across Kings Heath - we ran surveys, interviews, and street exhibition based on statistics researched by young people, placing those figures in shop windows along Kings Heath.High Street.

How safe do you feel on the way to school?

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