Friday, 2 August 2013

Place Matters Photography Project

A message from Fairbrum:

Do you have a camera or smartphone?  Can you use social media or email? Do you know what  works well, and what needs changing in your neighbourhood? If so, we want to involve you in shaping Birmingham’s new neighbourhood strategy.
On July 23rd we are launching a photography project to capture images of the city’s diverse neighbourhoods from different perspectives.

The aim of the Birmingham neighborhood photography project, “Place Matters”, is to build a collection of images to show what is distinctive about different neighbourhoods across Birmingham and what local people value in their local environment.

Budding photographers are being asked to go out into their local community and take pictures that answer one of the following questions:

 1.What do you like about your area?

 2.What makes your area unique or distinctive?

 3.What would you change about your area?

The project is being run as part of a summer of engagement activities to help shape a new neighbourhood strategy for the city. The images submitted will be made available via an online archive, as an interactive map and in local exhibitions.

To get involved, all you need is a camera or a cameraphone and the ability to upload a photo via Social Media (such as Flickr, Twitter, Facebook) or email.  In short:

 1.Take Photo

 2.Upload it to any social media (or email it to us –

 3.Add caption or note where why and when you took the shot

 4.Add the tag or hashtag #fairbrum

 5.Geotag if possible!

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