Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hall Green Arts Surgery Tonight

Dear all
If you are an artist, crafter, event organiser or a supporter of arts & cultural events in the Hall Green Constituency, you are cordially invited to the next Hall Green Art Surgery.
Venue Details 6.30-8.00 at Highfield, Highfield Rd, Hall Green. B28 0HS
Agenda: as well as giving people a chance to meet up and share information about their activities and challenges, I would like to discuss how our Forum should spend its £1,000 allocation on art & cultural activities in the constituency. I would like to see if there is any interest and support for a GreenFest, perhaps around Sarehole Mill.
In addition Steve Gove-Humphries (who is kindly providing light refreshments) has an idea for an idea for a symposium in November to consider the way forward for the Forum. Here is his idea: "I explained when we met that I wished to propose the disposal of the "£1000" grant-monies to be used to set up a DAY LONG conference at Highfield Hall with speakers, exhibition tents, performers, workshops etc to enable a proper inter action of the varying groups within Hall Green District to exchange ideas, learn from innovators throughout the City & wider & set up a properly accessible DATA BASE for arts entrepreneurs & producers.
We must engage with each other& have a central source of this info. This of course did not come up at the last meeting. I would suggest we can organise this fairly rapidly & certainly by end of year. I propse by say November 2013.
This would leave a legacy of support & a resource in these challenging times. I propse that along side this we make a community chest BID to all 4 WARDS to support the technical infrastructure of a website/data base/ publicity for it et al. We can film some of it & upload info so that if you need to know how to get a grant, apply for a licence there is a ONE-STOP place that will have an "expert" ( as in the ubiquitous YouTube films on varying things ) to assist people through the arcane & somewhat tortuous pathways. This is about empowering people to do it themselves BUT with the caveat of support from other well-seasoned & confident individuals. Council officers & others would surely be happy to share this information. It would also save costs in the financial climate we have. Many others will , I hope , input & share their wide experience"

Please do pass this invite on to those in Hall Green who may be interested.

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