Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ride for Hope 21st Sept

The procession down Kings Heath High Street for Hope Fennell was bigger this year, with around 400 cyclists and pedestrians taking to the street.

We were there with all our children, who all understood why.  For Jago it reminded him of when he was hit by a bus (minor injuries only), and said he felt people were doing it for all children.  Arthur couldn't understand why nothing had changed.  Freya is just coming to terms with what 'dead' means.

Nazan Fennell, mother of Hope, led the procession.  When we stopped for a few minutes at the crossing Hope died at, she managed to negotiate with the Police officer attempting to clear the road, even after he described it as a 'publicity stunt'.  Hope's friends from school gathered by the ghost bike, while we all waited a short while.  My children were getting a bit impatient, but no one was prepared to move until Nazan said so.  I'm not sure how long we were there for, obstructing the traffic.  As we stood there, I think the police expected the crowds to slowly melt away, but there was a sense of solidarity holding us together, mixed with frustration.

Find out more about Hope Fennell and the Livein Hope campaign or contact khresforum@gmail.com - also see http://hallgreenarts.blogspot.co.uk/p/car-culture.html

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