Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sun shines on Hall Green winter market

Steve Gove-Humphries, Chair of forum and event coordinator
introduces the day

A glorious day at Hall Green winter market, with over 500 people attending over the course of the day.  

HGA provided BCC 'Arts on the move' bus where Meddy Ranks performed all afternoon - Jamaican international superstar you will be able to catch next at Edgewood Hall for a Festive Party.  From the start he improvised on the spot singing celebrating all things Hall Green and at the winter market.

Moseley Village Band and Catriona Heatherington provided music and storytelling in the Library all afternoon too.  There was balloons, jokes, art & craft, Punch'n'Judy, facepainting, and a great range of market goods - for more of the market and other of the activities organised by Hall Green Neighbourhood Forum, see We Are B28.

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  1. More evaluation, (thanks Catriona)

    Hall- Green-Neighbourhood-Forum held a Christmas Market on the area outside South Birmingham College arranged with the support of Hall Green Arts.

    As well as a series of stalls, arts activities were available for young people. These included The Youth Bus from the Youth Service, the mobile arts bus which served as a platform for Caribbean drumming and singing and craft activities provided by Calthorpe Park play centre.

    Hall Green library is around a hundred yards from the main stall site and contained a series of activites:

    The Village Band played two slots of traditional Christmas music as would have been played by original village bands in past centuries.

    A Punch and Judy show played twice in the community room above the library.

    Catriona Heatherington, storyteller, told stories to groups of children all day.

    Chinn Brook Family Support Centre workers distributed leaflets and talked to parents

    Activities in Hall Green Library proved to be very successful. The 100 yard gap between the main market site and the library was not a problem. At the beginning, Catriona toured the market advertising library activities. Chinn Brook workers then helped with this. After a couple of hours this was no longer necessary as a steady stream of children arrived. Every session of storytelling had a good turnout. The parents were mainly Asian and enjoyed the bi-lingual touches in the storytelling.
    A number of them thanked Catriona , saying how much they enjoyed the event. Quite a few children stayed for a number of sessions. The library was also very pleased with the storytelling. Margaret Hunt said that she really hoped the sessions could happen again. The library were also pleased with having music in the library and the event as a whole. Steve Gove-Humphries, chairman of Hall Green Neighbourhood Forum visited the storytelling and was very pleased with the storytelling sessions.

    Overall, the library emphasised how important it is to bring reading and storytelling alive for children. Using a storyteller enables children to develop the key skill of listening and to grasp the concepts of narrative, character development , climax and creating atmosphere , bringing stories out of the book and into the room where they’re sitting.