Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fletchers Bar and Eatery

The wonderful Fletchers bar opened last week, and as owner/manager Brett pointed out, our arts surgery is the first event (post opening) held in its bar.

We had great turnout, and so good to see so many new faces to Hall Green Arts Forum - apologies received from a number of folk.

Surgery in numbers:

21 - number of people attended
5:37 - start time.  A little early as people keen to get started!
B13.7 - average postcode number
4 - delicious honey and chilli cashew nut pots consumed

Surgery in drawings:

We were lucky to have Esther and Anika document the meeting in drawings - something I think we should constitute.

Surgery in Dance:

You'll have to wait for this one, but as we had three creative practitioners, from Morris, English Folk and Royal Ballet dancers here something I think we ought to push for.

Other Surgery stuff:

We were able to show off 'Field for the Olympics', which has covered all areas of our constituency and led to further stuff.  It is exhibiting at Hall Green Library at the moment.  We were successful in applying for Next Generation funding in partnership with Parks4Play, Birmingham Playcare Network, The Drum, Secret City Arts and John Hill-Daniel.

Although we only received two thirds of what we applied for, we have supplemented with some of HGA funds and additional support from Parks4Play means we will have run more workshops than originally planned and meet all our aims/objectives.

On 21st July we will be supporting an event for re-opening of KH library 10:30 to 12 for penultimate  'Field for the Olympics' workshops.  On 27th July, for opening of Olympics we will have all the junk puppets out at Kings Heath Park in afternoon for Parks4Play event.

Moseley Folk Festival - I am in touch with Gerv to organise an info tent, or possibly a family activity.  Anyone interested in volunteering I'll be looking to arrange free entry and work only to 5 or 6, so rest of evening is yours.  Please contact me if interested.

Following comments from Ort Cafe, I will continue looking into better Hall Green ward representation - HG Library may be our next venue for Surgery in September, although I'd really like to see Fletchers and Ort become regular meeting venues.  Comments also about children and arts better representation (needs a bit of thinking), and also possibility of offering a small amount of our funds to best idea, as agreed at a Surgery/online survey?  Also very pleased several people offered to support others interested in the work they do, either by visiting, shadowing or just contacting.  This was in a range of disciplines from wood sculpture, drama, storytelling, comedy, book writing.  Anyone interested please let me know.  Finally a few more postits from the day:

I know there were more interesting conversations happened and would like to ask to keep adding comments, draw, dance, or just use our facebook - add directly onto our timeline, contact me, or our googlegroup.

Wishing well and keep in touch!


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