Saturday, 26 May 2012


Beautiful sunny day and another excellent BOSF AGM.  You'll find more on their site and twitters on the day #BhamOSF (or see below).  Also twitter will be archived at: , so no real need to see the stuff I cut and paste below.  (I'll get better at this techno stuff soon).

Cllr Bedsley made a surprise visit at last minute and gave a quick outline of BCC commitment to parks.  Karen from Be Active also gave update, and in morning Chris Neville and Emma Wolf gave sound advice on how to arrange an event in a park - from licenses, risk assessments to toilets.

Here's a couple of photos from the day:

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 great stuff Karen Jerwood  Be Active. and cllr Bedser for defending spending on most needy
8 volunteer parks groups did 3291 hours of work in city parks last year. Adding/creating value. 
 We're haring from Karen Jerwood, Head of Sport & Physical Activity at  about Be Active scheme.
Going to be following the   and Bham Open Spaces Forum  hashtags.
 We've seen funding offers conditional on holding public events.
RT  Incredible amount of volunteer enthusiasm and energy in this room & 
 Incredible amount of volunteer enthusiasm and energy in this room
I will be tweeting from Birmingham Open Spaces Forum conference today, using 

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